Vote Sites

Voting for Frontier Apocalypse not only helps increase our server’s visibility to the public, but it also allows you to gain access to in-game rewards!

*Disclaimer: Each vote link can only be used once every 24 hours.

Claiming a vote key

Simply walk up to a Loot Crate and right-click your Vote Key on the chest!

Voting Rewards

Every time you vote, there is a chance you will receive one of the below items:

1x Labor Key1x MedkitBicycleScrapcycle1x Forged Pickaxe
1x Forged Axe1x Forged Sword1x Forged Shovel1x Forged Helmet1x Forged Chestplate
1x Forged Leggings1x Forged Boots2x Molotov3x Javelins1x Forged Shotgun
1x Forged Rifle1x Forged Pistol1x Sledgehammer1x Metal PlateSpare Electronics
Mechanical Parts1x Battery1x AdhesiveAdvanced Chemicals1x Netherite Scrap
1x Gorilla Flu AntidoteSteroids1x Bear Trap1x Satellite LaserRadiation Pills

Top Voter

At the end of every month, the Top Voter will receive a special reward!

Current Top Voter: none

Last Updated: June 28 2023 – 12:20 EST