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A new Minecraft experience where you can roleplay a post-apocalyptic Western United States on a 1:80 scale replica in Minecraft. Featuring war, disease, and exploring. What will your journey endure...?

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This is Frontier Apocalypse

Explore cities during the day…

Frontier Apocalypse has every major city in the Western United States—even the small ones! Cities contain stacks worth of resources, but be careful! Cities are highly radioactive! Not only will they kill you- they’ll make you sick. Even so, you may infect other players with your sickness!

…Or find out why not to…at night.

Radioactive mobs and animals roam the wasteland and are more aggressive in cities. Only God knows what hides in buildings, let alone below the surface…

Travel the beautiful landscapes

Experience the beauty of Mother Nature in our favorite block game.

Explore Western America like never before.

With a 1:80 scale ratio, meaning 1 block is equal to 80 meters, our map is the largest yet—and the first to contain roads that lead to radioactive cities, specifically with structures such as ruined buildings and abandoned vehicles.

View the online wasteland map ↗

Click the compass below to easily use coordinates to find different locations.

Coordinate Calculator
That’s not even mentioning all the custom features, such as endless classes to choose from, weapons and guns, abilities, loot, crates, vehicles, custom mobs….and more!
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